3 Tips For Taking Your New Puppy To The Animal Hospital

12 January 2018
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Getting a new puppy is a lot of fun and it can be very exciting. You are essentially adding a new member to your family who you will love and care for. Part of caring for a new puppy involves taking them into the animal hospital for a check up with their veterinarian. However, since puppies aren't used to veterinarians, these appointments can sometimes be a bit difficult. Here are three tips for taking your new puppy to the animal hospital.

Cover Their Crate

When traveling with your puppy in a vehicle, it is important that you use a crate. However, when taking them in their crate into the animal hospital, it is a good idea to bring a cover for it. This could be an actual crate cover, or something as simple as a blanket. This darkens the crate and helps to create a more quiet and calm environment for your puppy. Since they may become anxious around other animals or people, it is best to bring them in their crate until you are sure that they will behave well around other animals. However, you can go from covered crate, to just their crate, and finally to a leash.

Bring A Muzzle

While you may not have to use it, it is a good idea to bring a muzzle for your puppy. If your puppy gets scared during their visit, they may begin to nip at the vet. This can become dangerous if your puppy gets aggressive. Having a muzzle on-hand ensures that you can protect the vet while he is treating your puppy and also calm your puppy down as well. When choosing a muzzle, get one that is tight enough to close their mouth, but not too tight so that it causes them any level of pain.

Bring Toys And Treats

Just as a human child responds well to toys and snacks, your puppy will respond well to toys and treats. Bring some toys for them to play with to help distract and calm them both before and during the checkup. You should also have some treats on hand to give them when they are behaving properly. This helps to enforce positive behavior because your puppy understands that they are being rewarded.

In order to have the best experience possible when taking your puppy to the animal hospital, be sure that you cover their crate when inside the waiting room, bring a muzzle just in case they start nipping aggressively, and bring them toys and treats to entertain, distract, and reward them with. Contact a vet hospital, like Rodney Parham Animal Clinic, for more help.