Leaky Dog? How To Handle Hypoplastic Vulva In Your Female Pooch

19 April 2018
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Unfortunately, some female dogs develop "leaking" issues along with other complications due to a condition called hypoplastic vulva. This simply means that a skin fold covers the vulva, leading to an accumulation of urine, which may actually cause your poor pooch to leak. While your dog should be okay with this condition, there's a lot for you to learn about it and a few things you'll need to take care of. Read More 

3 Tips For Taking Your New Puppy To The Animal Hospital

12 January 2018
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Getting a new puppy is a lot of fun and it can be very exciting. You are essentially adding a new member to your family who you will love and care for. Part of caring for a new puppy involves taking them into the animal hospital for a check up with their veterinarian. However, since puppies aren't used to veterinarians, these appointments can sometimes be a bit difficult. Here are three tips for taking your new puppy to the animal hospital. Read More 

Your Kitten’s First Vet Appointment

18 December 2017
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If you've just adopted a kitten from a local shelter, you may assume the kitten is happy and healthy. However, with so many cats and other animals in rescue shelters, it's easy to miss a few problems. That is why it is important to take your kitten to the vet for the first visit. Check out these tips to ensure you get the most out of your appointment. Don't Wait for the Appointment Read More 

Switching To Overnight Shifts At Work? How To Help Your Dog Through

15 November 2017
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When you are a dog owner, it can be difficult to make major changes to your schedule and routine without upsetting the rhythm that you have established with your pooch. This can be especially true if you have a drastic change in your routine like switching to an overnight schedule. Overnight shifts can be great because they are often longer shifts and give you more days off from work, but they can also wreak havoc on your sleep cycles and the routine your pet has gotten accustomed to. Read More 

Thinking Of Having A Chinchilla For A Family Pet? 5 Important Things You Need To Know

12 October 2017
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According to CBS News, exotic pets are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, it's estimated that 18 million households in the United States have exotic pets. One exotic pet that is popular is the chinchilla, which is actually extinct in the wild. Taking care of a chinchilla isn't difficult, but it is different from taking care of a typical family pets like cats and dogs. Here are a few things you need to know if you are interested in having a chinchilla for a family pet. Read More